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Propane Services and Programs

Fuel Line Maintenance (FLM)

Fuel Line Maintenance

Did you know several of your home’s propane fuel lines are your responsibility? Our Fuel Line Maintenance Program can help protect you from costly and time-consuming repairs if your fuel lines fail.

• Save hundreds of dollars in potential repair bills
• Avoid time and hassle with ‘fast response’ and ‘one-call coordination’
• Different warranty plans to fit your needs!
– $1.75 per month covers buried fuel lines
– $4.00 per month covers non-buried fuel lines
– $5.75 per month covers both

Please Note: Fuel line maintenance is available to residential propane customers only, and coverage restrictions and specifications may apply. Please call your local propane office for complete details, or let us contact you by submitting the enrollment form below.

Maintaining Gas Lines

Safety Notice! FPU is required under federal and state regulations to maintain natural gas and propane service lines up to and including the gas meter. Beyond the meter, the maintenance of any piping (gas fuel lines) is the responsibility of the customer or property owner. Sometimes, a customer’s piping may be underground. If customers do not maintain their underground gas lines, the piping may corrode and leak, causing a potential safety hazard. This gas piping should be periodically inspected for leaks, and if metal, the pipes should also be inspected for corrosion. Learn more about staying protected with Fuel Line Maintenance available through Florida Public Utilities.