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Propane for Builders

Community Gas Systems™ (CGS)

Build in layers of property value and curb appeal— at little or no extra cost—with the Community Gas System™ (CGS) propane distribution system. Not only will you fill the growing demand for gas living and efficiency today, you’ll lay the groundwork for natural gas pipelines in the future.

How the Community Gas System Works

  • FPU will install an underground propane storage tank at your development site
  • Tank size and location will be dependent upon the size of your project
  • A gas pipeline distribution system will serve each home from a central fuel storage facility and will be built with the operational design and distribution standards of natural gas
  • One routine delivery will fulfill the needs of the entire development

Additional CGS Advantages

  • Community Gas Systems are constructed and maintained to meet ASME Codes, Florida Codes and Standards and NFPA 58
  • CGS technology is operated by DOT Certified Gas Professionals and customer service is available 24/7
  • A single propane delivery source means fewer trucks and safer traffic conditions in the neighborhood
  • A shared-tank metered system eliminates unnecessary and expensive refills for homeowners
  • CGS technology ensures reliable service while saving valuable space

TankWatch Monitoring

  • TankWatch, FPU’s remote Tank Level Monitoring System, ensures homeowners have plenty of propane when they need it most
  • Technology monitors propane supplies on a daily basis and notifies FPU with exact re-fill amount when needed

Future Conversion to Natural Gas

  • Since the Community Gas Systems are constructed to natural gas standards, conversion from propane to natural gas requires minimal modification with little or no disruption to the community
  • Allowances for including natural gas appliances may be given to the homeowner through our Energy Conservation Program authorized by the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) if/when conversion to natural gas is possible