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Natural Gas Customer Service

Start, Stop Or Transfer Natural Gas Service

Start Natural Gas Service

To start natural gas service, click below or call 800.427.7712 and an FPU Representative will set up your new account, and let you know the steps you’ll need to take in order to get started.

Start Service

Please be prepared to provide:

  • Two types of identification (a driver’s license and Social Security card are preferred)
  • A customer deposit* and appropriate connection fees (FPU accepts payment by credit/debit for customers using Visa® or MasterCard®)

Stop Or Transfer Natural Gas Service

Moving locations?
Need to cancel your natural gas service? Click below or contact FPU at 800.427.7712 and we’ll see if we can transfer your existing service to your new location and further advise you on your energy options. Or, we will help you take steps to stop your natural gas service, if needed.

Stop Service
Transfer Service

Customer Deposits

New customers are required to provide a deposit before service is activated. Residential and commercial customers are eligible for a refund after 23 months based upon payment history. Please Note: Your deposit may be waived if you provide one of the following:
1. Proof of three years of employment with the same company
2. Valid ID indicating you are age 60 or older
3. A credit score of 660 or higher

Rates and deposit amounts may vary. Please call 800.427.7712 for additional details.