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Florida Public Utilities Scam Alert

Florida Public Utilities Scam Alerts

With Florida Public Utilities scam alerts, stay informed about the latest scams targeting energy consumers. Plus, get the specific head’s up you need to recognize potential scammers, and important guidelines that will help you act accordingly.

FPU may contact you regarding a past due bill. To avoid being the victim of a potential scam, we recommend that you ask the caller two or more questions pertaining to your bill that only an FPU Representative would know. For example:

  • What is my account password? (If you have not registered one with us,
    we recommend you do so for safety reasons)
  • What were my last two bill amounts?
  • What was the amount of my last two “meter reads”?
  • What forms of identification did I use to start my service?

Our Customer Care Call Center is now open from 7:00am–7:00pm.
To reach an FPU Representative, call 800.427.7712.

Green Dot Cards

Do not purchase Green Dot prepaid debit cards or any other type of card. FPUC will not contact you to take your payment. We will only advise via a letter, bill or recorded phone call asking you to contact us.

Latest Ploy!

There have been reports of scammers going door-to-door and posing as utility workers in an attempt to obtain personal information. Please be informed that neither FPU nor our parent company, Chesapeake Utilities, will ever send employees to your home without prior notification and proper identification. Please ask to see a valid ID before you allow an individual into your home or share any information, and contact the authorities if you suspect the presence of a scammer.

Watch Out For E-Bills From PGE!

Consumers have reported receiving a combined e-bill from Pacific Gas & Electric, leading them to assume that their natural gas and electric bills were now being processed by PG&E. Please be warned that this is a scam, and take into account the following reminders, which are also highlighted on PG&E’s website.

Remember! PG&E will never call or email you to ask for payments. Therefore, DO NOT:
• Respond to such requests
• Click on any links in the email
• Open any attachments
• Provide any personal information

Please report these contacts to

Brand-New Email Scam

Please be aware of a new online scam surrounding fake bill statements sent to utility customers through email. While these emails may appear to be from a legitimate utility company, FPU reminds you to ignore and delete any suspicious requests asking you to verify or provide any type of payment or personal information—and in the event you do open such an email, do not click on any links.

If you believe you may be the target of this or a similar scam, please notify the authorities or report the incident online at


If you receive an email stating that Florida Public Utilities (FPU) is contacting you to provide assistance regarding a “Forgotten Password” issue for our EzPay program, please be advised that this is a scam. FPU is sending out no such notifications. If you receive any such correspondence, do not respond to that inquiry. Please contact FPU immediately and provide the details of the communication. Thank you for your cooperation. FPU’s Customer Care Team