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Florida Public Utilities
Florida Public Utilities Scam Alert

Florida Public Utilities Scam Alerts

With Florida Public Utilities scam alerts, stay informed about the latest scams targeting energy consumers. Plus, get the specific head’s up you need to recognize potential scammers, and important guidelines that will help you act accordingly.

FPU may contact you regarding a past due bill. To avoid being the victim of a potential scam, we recommend that you ask the caller two or more questions pertaining to your bill that only an FPU Representative would know. For example:

  • What is my account password? (If you have not registered one with us, we recommend you do so for safety reasons)
  • What were my last two bill amounts?
  • What was the amount of my last two “meter reads”?
  • What forms of identification did I use to start my service?

Our Customer Care Call Center is now open from 7:00am-7:00pm.

To reach an FPU Representative, call 800.427.7712.