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Florida Public Utilities
Residential Propane

Propane Appliances

Think Propane Appliances.
Then Think FPU.

Everyday comfort. Superior performance. Reliability when you need it most.
It’s time to take advantage of the value and versatility propane appliances have to offer—further enhanced by the unique capabilities and service standards of FPU.

Propane Appliances Provide:

  • Endless hot water, gourmet-quality cooking precision, faster drying clothes and ultra-efficient climate control
  • Nearly 100% reliable service, enabling basic comforts—even when the power goes out
  • Numerous specialty options, including grills, outdoor lights, indoor fireplaces and more!

Click to learn more about major and luxury propane appliances.

Major AppliancesLuxury/Outdoor Appliances

Major Propane Appliances

Gas Tankless Water Heaters
Gas Tank-Style Water Heaters
Gas Ranges
Gas Clothes Dryers
Gas Furnaces

Luxury/Outdoor Propane Appliances

Gas Outdoor Lights/Tiki Torches
Gas Chimineas/Patio Heaters
Gas Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces
Gas Fire Pits
Gas Grills
Gas Pool/Spa Heaters
Gas Generators
Gas Desiccant Dehumidifiers