Brand-New Propane
Technologies & Incentives!

With the new Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program, you can get up to $28,000 in incentives just for trying out the newest, hottest propane products on the market.

Call FPU at 888.220.9356 to take advantage of the following products (great for both commercial and residential customers!), or to learn more about these and other propane incentives!


Kohler 6VSG: $1,500 incentive
Designed to support renewable energy demand (including solar energy) and other remote applications, the Kohler 6VSG battery-charging generator senses when your battery bank is running low, and charges it automatically.

Used for off-grid residences; telecommunications; homesteads; sustainable living; and emergency preparedness.

Generac EcoGen 6KW: $1,500 incentive
The first automatic standby generator warrantied for off-grid use when used in an alternative energy system, the Generac EcoGen provides quieter, cleaner, more fuel-efficient power generation than traditional alternatives, along with enhanced ease of use and reduced maintenance costs.

Uses include residential; commercial; telecommunications; railroads; farms; ranches; national parks; remote lodging; and recreation.


Temp-Air EBB-40kW Trailer Package: $5,000 incentive
While other bedbug control methods use chemicals or steam and only treat sleeping areas, the Temp-Air system uses a four-heater system to treat your entire space or building (up to 1,400 square feet). Plus, since the unit also comes with its own trailer and power source (40kW diesel generator), it’s ready to ‘tow and go’ when you are.

Applications include single-family homes; apartments; dormitories; and hotels.


Marathon Ecopower: $5,000 incentive
Using advanced cogeneration technology, the Marathon Ecopower provides heat and electric power in a manner that’s as cost-effective as it is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Earning the ENERGY STAR 2011 Emerging Technology Award, the product has also been credited for ‘helping to create the future of energy production on both a residential and commercial scale’.

Uses include residential; small businesses; commercial thermal; hotels; apartments; condominiums; swimming pools; spas; and sports centers.

Yanmar CP5WN: $5,000 incentive
The Yanmar CP5WN provides both heat and electric power, ensuring complete environmental comfort in any weather. The extremely efficient unit also utilizes up to 84% of fuel burn versus the 33% of conventional ‘from-the-grid’ sources, providing significant energy-savings month after month, and year after year.

Applications include residential; small office buildings; laundromats; small hotels; stand-alone retailers; and fitness centers.

Yanmar CP10WN: $10,000 incentive
Already popular in other parts of the globe, the Yanmar CP10WN uses recovered heat to provide space and water heating (at a rated temperature of 158° Fahrenheit for immediate use or storage in a tank)—with a total efficiency as high as 88%. Ideal for applications requiring an extremely reliable, cost-effective energy source, this quiet, compact unit also provides automatic backup power when needed.

Used for large residences; multi-family housing; nursing homes, fitness centers; restaurants; and hotels.

Please Note:
The Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program will only provide financial incentives to qualifying and selected participants who agree to share their experiences with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) for research purposes. Please call FPU at 888.220.9356 if you’re interested in getting started, or if you’d like more information on these and other great offers.