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Florida Public Utilities

Florida Public Utilities Payment Plans 

WHIP - Water Heater Incremental Payment PlanReady for a new water heater, but not quite so ready to take on the initial purchase price? Florida Public Utilities WHIP payment plans are a convenient, long-term payment option alternative! In fact, you can pay for your natural gas or propane water heater month-by-month—without having to pay for anything up front. You can also reduce or eliminate our-of-pocket expenses for extras!

Own an ultra-efficient natural gas or propane tank-style water heater for just $16.99/month


Enjoy the unbeatable efficiency and savings of a natural gas or propane tankless water heater for only $26.99/month

Please Note: The payment plan is available to residential natural gas customers (new or existing) and existing propane customers only. Customers who participate in the payment plan will receive their appliance rebate in the form of a reduced monthly payment amount, which will be factored into a 60-month period.

Call 888.220.9356 to get started.

Additional Eligibility Details

  • Monthly rates cover both ‘gas-to-gas’ and ‘electric-to-gas’ water heater conversions and are spread over the span of 60 months
  • Installation includes up to 50’ of water/gas piping/venting and the disposal of old water heater
  • Permitting, as well as any added electrical or venting work, may require additional charges
  • Electric customers interested in switching to natural gas service do not qualify

A Propane Tankless Water Heater Provides:

  • Endless hot water
  • Monthly water heating energy savings
  • A lifespan of 20+ years 

A Propane Tank-Style Water Heater Provides:

  • Twice the hot water in up to half the time as non-gas
  •  Reliable hot water—even when the power goes out
    (Tankless requires simple battery)