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Florida Public Utilities
Florida Public Utilities Billing & Payments

Florida Public Utilities Budget Billing

With Florida Public Utilities Budget Billing, you can stabilize your monthly energy costs and pay the same amount each month. Take the guesswork out of the factors that cause your FPU bill to fluctuate during the year, like weather, changing fuel costs and new appliances. Enroll in Budget Billing today!

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To request an application, please contact the appropriate Customer Care Team.
Natural Gas / Electric Customers, please call 800.427.7712.
Propane Customers, click here to find your local propane service contact information.

How Budget Billing Is Calculated   

  • FPU will calculate your monthly energy cost by averaging the amounts of your last 12 energy bills
  • The average total will be increased to account for energy cost inflation
  • The only time your monthly amount may differ is if you received service work during the previous billing cycle or specific circumstances cause your amount to be re-budgeted

Reviews Of Customer Accounts

  • On a semi-annual basis, FPU will review your Budget Billing account to ensure that monthly budget payments are not drastically over or under stated
  • If you have a 10% variance of your current budgeted amount, your account will be recalculated and the revised Budget Billing amount will be assessed
  • On an annual basis, FPU will evaluate accounts on Budget Billing. Customers will NOT have to ‘true up’ the difference between the actual accounts and the amount paid through Budget Billing
  • Any differences will be rolled into the next year’s recalculated monthly billing amount in the form of either a debit or a credit

Enrollment Details

  • Customers need to establish year-round service with FPU for at least 12 months—with a zero balance—in order to enroll
  • This program is only available to residential customers, who can enroll at any time
  • New Budget Billing accounts will become effective on the first of the month following enrollment
  • If you are not satisfied with Budget Billing, you can discontinue the service at any time. (FPU recommends that you stay in the program for at least 12 months to understand the true benefit of Budget Billing throughout the seasons)
  • Any Budget Billing account that becomes subject to collection action will be automatically removed from the program