Florida Public Utilities

Authorized Users

Access To Your Account

As an FPU customer, you have the option to give authorized parties access to your account, which will allow them to make payments in your absence, view transactions and otherwise manage your account.

Common reasons why customers share access to their accounts include travel, illness and convenience, while examples of authorized users often include relatives, caregivers and employees.

Types of Access 

AT FPU, we provide authorized access on two levels as reflected in the following tiers:

Full capacity – Authorized users have complete access to your account and are able to handle every facet as if they were the account holder. This includes discontinuing your current service or establishing a new one.

Partial capacity – Authorized users can receive full information regarding your account and are able to handle the majority of transactions, including making payments. However, they are not able to establish, transfer, add or disconnect any services regarding your account.

Additional Details

You must contact FPU by phone at 800.427.7712 (Natural Gas / Electric Customers) or 855.583.4973 (Propane Customers) in order to provide a third-party authorized access to your account. FPU will identify authorized parties prior to releasing information by asking them for their driver’s license numbers and/or the password provided by you, the account holder.