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Flo-Gas Corporation, Subsidiary Of Florida Public Utilities Company, Announces Purchase Of Crescent Propane

January 15, 2012–Flo-Gas Corporation, a subsidiary of Florida Public Utilities Company, announced today its purchase of the assets of Crescent Propane, a propane company headquartered in Newberry, Florida. Crescent Propane was founded over ten years ago and provides propane service … Continue reading

New Survey Shows That 98% Of Chefs Prefer Cooking With Gas

November 21, 2011–From newspaper ads to television commercials, Florida Public Utilities has long-informed customers that ‘9-out-of-10 chefs prefer cooking with natural gas’. Now, new research indicates that the numbers behind such a statement may be, in fact, stronger than the … Continue reading

FPU Dedicates More Than $50,000 To Its NW Florida Communities

November 10, 2011—Symbolizing the latest in a long history of strong community involvement, FPU has now contributed more than 50-grand to enriching its Northwest Florida communities this year. Local contributions have been put toward initiatives related to Cottondale High School, Florida Sherriff’s Youth ranch, Marianna … Continue reading

Florida Public Utilities Powers Up ‘Energy-Saving’ Streetlights

October 26, 2011–Florida Public Utilities (FPU) has brought new light to citywide energy-efficiency by installing 27 LED (Light-Emitting Diode) streetlights in various locations throughout Fernandina Beach. As part of a partnership between FPU and the City of Fernandina Beach, formed … Continue reading

FPU’s Fernandina Beach ‘Payment Center’ Doors Are Staying Open

October 7, 2011—When it comes to their customers’ concerns and feedback, Florida Public Utilities’ doors are always open. The fact that FPU has since changed their November plans to close their Fernandina Beach ‘walk-in’ payment center couldn’t be a more … Continue reading

FPU Is Giving Local Customers A Better, More Convenient Way To Pay Their Monthly Bill

September 6, 2011—Sometimes, when one door closes, a much better one opens. The fact that local FPU offices will no longer offer payment service—beginning November 1—couldn’t be a more perfect or literal example of such. Instead, local ‘walk-in’ or ‘drop-off’ … Continue reading

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation Providing Crews To Assist With Hurricane Irene Restoration Efforts

August 31, 2011–Florida Public Utilities Company, a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation [NYSE:CPK] through the coordination of the Southeastern Electric Exchange is providing crews to assist Baltimore Gas & Electric Company with Hurricane Irene restoration efforts. Baltimore Gas & Electric … Continue reading

Florida Public Utilities Company Files For Rate Decrease

May 2, 2011–The cost of electricity could be going down for customers of Florida Public Utilities Company’s (FPU) Northwest Division as soon as July. On April 7, 2011, FPU filed a request with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) to … Continue reading

Florida Public Utilities Files Mid-Course Correction With Public Service Commission

April 19, 2011–After filing a Petition for Mid-Course Correction with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) April 7th, Florida Public Utilities (FPU) customers could potentially start seeing reduced electric rates as early as July. While PSC approval is pending, FPU … Continue reading

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation And Florida Public Utilities Company Completed Their Planned Merger

October 29, 2009–Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE: CPK) and Florida Public Utilities Company (NYSE AMEX: FPU) announced today the completion of their planned merger, effective yesterday, October 28, 2009. Florida Public Utilities is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Chesapeake. The … Continue reading