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Florida Public Utilities
Natural Gas in Business

Approved List of Pool Managers

The Pool Managers listed below have executed a Pool Manager Agreement with Florida Public Utilities and have met the requirements defined in FPU’s Natural Gas Tariff.

Please be aware that:

  • FPU in no way endorses any particular Pool Manager and makes no claims as to the performance, operations, affiliations or any other aspect of the following companies
  • FPU is not responsible for any of the actions taken by the Pool Managers listed below, nor the lack thereof
  • FPU does not maintain a list of pricing or other offers provided by the following companies. Please contact a Pool Manager directly to receive such information
  • Selecting a Pool Manager is purely the customer’s choice. As with any contractual relationship, we remind our FPU customers to use good business sense and to never enter a contract that isn’t fully understood

Below is an Approved List of Pool Managers currently able to supply natural gas service to our commercial customers:

FPU Customers
Central Florida Gas Customers