Florida Public Utilities
Natural Gas Safety


How to Sense Danger

Natural gas is under pressure when running through pipelines. Because natural gas is lighter than air, it rises when it escapes. Plus, while natural gas is naturally odorless, a ‘rotten egg’ odor is added so you and your family can easily detect even the smallest leak. Teach everyone in your home or business to recognize this ‘rotten egg’ smell and take the following steps should someone suspect a leak:

1. Clear your home or business immediately.

2. Once safely outside, call 800.427.7712 to report a leak. (Or dial 911 once safely outside if you sense a more serious emergency)


  • Use a cell phone or telephone until securely outside the location
  • Smoke, light a match or do anything else that may cause a spark, which could result in an explosion or fire
  • Turn on or off any electric switches
  • Ring the doorbell or open any garage doors

Visual and audible signs may also indicate that a natural gas leak has occurred. If you notice any of the following, please take the steps outlined above.

  • Blowing dirt, bubbling creeks/ponds or dead vegetation in an otherwise green area. Natural gas is lighter than air whereas propane is heavier and settles
  • Hissing sounds near a natural gas appliance or pipeline 

Did You Know…?

  • The nationwide natural gas industry spends over $6 billion each year on safety alone
  • Natural gas is considered trusted, reliable and safe by an estimated 800,000 homes and businesses across Florida
  • Underground pipelines greatly reduce the need for the vehicular transportation of gas, leading to safer roads and cleaner air