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Residential Natural Gas

Natural Gas Appliances

Whether it’s the endless hot water and savings of a natural gas tankless water heater, or the gourmet-quality cooking precision of a natural gas stove, natural gas appliances provide the ultimate in energy-efficiency, comfort and reliability. No wonder 84% of homebuyers prefer natural gas appliances!

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Plus, browse through the various natural gas luxury appliances for even more reasons to make the switch.

Major Natural Gas AppliancesOutdoor/Luxury Natural Gas Appliances

Major Natural Gas Appliances

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters
Natural Gas Tank-Style Water Heaters
Natural Gas Ranges
Natural Gas Clothes Dryers
Natural Gas Furnaces

Outdoor/Luxury Natural Gas Appliances

Natural Gas Outdoor Lights/Tiki Torches
Natural Gas Chimineas/Patio Heaters
Natural Gas Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces
Natural Gas Grills
Natural Gas Pool/Spa Heaters
Natural Gas Generators
Natural Gas Desiccant Dehumidifiers