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Florida Public Utilities Payment Plans 

WHIP - Water Heater Incremental Payment PlanReady for a new water heater, but not quite so ready to take on the initial purchase price? Florida Public Utilities WHIP payment plans are a convenient, long-term payment option alternative! In fact, you can pay for your natural gas or propane water heater month-by-month—without having to pay for anything up front. You can also reduce or eliminate our-of-pocket expenses for extras!

Own an ultra-efficient natural gas or propane tank-style water heater for just $16.99/month


Enjoy the unbeatable efficiency and savings of a natural gas or propane tankless water heater for only $26.99/month

Please Note: The payment plan is available to residential natural gas and propane customers only. Customers who participate in the payment plan will receive their appliance rebate in the form of a reduced monthly payment amount, which will be factored into a 60-month period.

Call 888.220.9356 to get started.

Additional Eligibility Details

  • Monthly rates cover both ‘gas-to-gas’ and ‘electric-to-gas’ water heater conversions and are spread over the span of 60 months
  • Installation includes up to 50’ of water/gas piping/venting and the disposal of old water heater
  • Permitting, as well as any added electrical or venting work, may require additional charges
  • Electric customers interested in switching to natural gas service do not qualify