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Florida Public Utilities
Natural Gas Services and Programs

Energy for Life

Not Only Does FPU Provide ‘Energy’ For Life,
We Make It Easier Than Ever To Save It.

AT FPU, we want to help you learn more about conservation measures designed to reduce energy consumption and consequently help you reduce your utility bills, carbon footprint and save money. Offered to both our residential and commercial customers, the Energy for Life Program can help you get started and stay informed.

Free Resources:

Free Energy Check-Ups
Take advantage of FPU’s expert advice and see how you can drive up the value of your home—and bring your energy costs down.

Click here to learn more or call 888.220.9356 to sign up!

Online Tips And Tools

Get keyed into the latest energy-saving tips and tools without leaving the comfort of your own computer.

Energy Workshops
Contact us to schedule a speaker or workshop for your group or organization at no cost to you. Email or call 888.220.9356. 

Appliance Rebates:

Conserve energy and take advantage of available energy conservation rebates. Select the appropriate energy and learn how you can get rebates on a long list of appliance/energy-efficiency upgrades.

Natural Gas Rebates

Rebate Program: How And Why
The increased use of energy-efficient appliances goes beyond helping to protect the environment. It helps conserve Florida’s precious energy resources— guiding us toward a cleaner, more secure energy future. Available through FPU (and supported by Florida’s Energy Conservation Program), natural gas and electric rebates work to offset the initial expense of including natural gas appliances or electric energy-efficiency upgrades, making it easier for more homeowners to conserve energy and benefitting Florida as a whole.

Contact FPU to learn more about rebates, as well as any other incentives or allowances that may be available. Email or call 888.220.9356.