Florida Public Utilities

Contact Information

Please call 800.427.7712 to:

  • Establish, transfer or discontinue your FPU service
  • Receive help on reading your natural gas bill and/or meter
  • Make an FPU payment by phone
  • Report a potential leak or request emergency service
  • And more

Please call 888.220.9356 to:

  • Receive more info on natural gas appliances or rebates
  • Schedule a Free Energy Check-Up for your home or business
  • Learn more about building/commercial incentives
  • Sign up for value-added programs, including our Spread The Love Water Heater Payment Plan and more

FPU Emergency Response is Available 24/7.

Please leave the area and call 800.427.7712 immediately if:

  • You smell a distinct rotten egg odor
  • Your natural gas system is damaged in any way
  • A natural gas pipeline has been damaged

(Or, dial 911 if you sense a more serious emergency.)

Please fax forms or documents regarding all energy types to 855.212.5011, which will be handled promptly by our Customer Care Team.