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Natural Gas in Business

Commercial Appliances

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Foodservice Appliances

Did You Know That Natural Gas Appliances…?

  • Can reduce a commercial kitchen’s operating costs by more than 33%
  • Enable foodservice establishments to continue to cook, use hot water* and serve customers—even when the power goes out
  • Conserve energy every month and promote cleaner energy practices
    *In the event of a power outage, a natural gas tank-style water heater continues to operate automatically while a tankless water heater requires a simple battery.

For more on specific foodservice appliances, see below.

Natural Gas Ranges
Natural Gas Ovens
Natural Gas Fryers
Additional Natural Gas Cooking Appliances
Display Cooking
Natural Gas Waterheating and Dishwashing
Natural Gas Ambience

Lodging / Hospitality

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters
Natural Gas Dryers
Natural Gas Pool/Spa Heaters

HVAC/Plumbing Technologies

Whether you are a builder, plumber or simply looking to upgrade your own commercial HVAC equipment, it’s time to take advantage of the following natural gas technologies.

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters
Natural Gas Tank-Style Water Heaters
Natural Gas Furnaces
Natural Gas Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Natural Gas Hydronic-Heaters
Gas-Fired Heat Pumps & Space Conditioning Systems

Real Estate

Tell homebuyers how they can get up to the following rebate amounts when they remodel with natural gas appliances—and turn any fixer-upper into a more attractive purchase.


to Natural Gas Appliances


Old Gas Appliances

Tank Water Heater $500 $350
Tank Water Heater1
$550 $400
Tankless Water Heater $675 $550
Furnace $725 $500
Range $200 $100
Clothes Dryer $150 $100
Service Reactivation $350

Rebates are subject to program terms and conditions. * A water heater must have an Energy Factor (EF) of .63 or greater to qualify for a high-efficiency rebate. The Service Reactivation rebate requires a minimum of 24 months of inactivity and the purchase of a new natural gas water heater.