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HERS is an acronym for Home Energy Rating System. A person called an energy rater inputs everything imaginable about the home into a software program. The HERS Score is how that particular home compared to a home built to the International Energy Conservation Code of 2006. A home built to that code will receive a HERS Score of 100. Each number less represents a 1% efficiency gain. New homes built to the Florida Energy Code will receive a score of approximately 88. I have seen super efficient homes receive a HERS Score of 46. The HERS Score is like the miles per gallon rating of your car. It is how your home was designed to use energy. Each part of the home system contributes to the score. For example, a gas tankless water heater discussed in the previous question, lowers the HERS Score by 6 or 7 points. Meaning that efficient water heater improves the entire homes energy use by 6-7%.

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