Florida Public Utilities
Electric Safety

General Safety Tips

Tree Safety

Trimming a tree near an electric line isn’t just dangerous. It’s potentially deadly. Contact a qualified professional trimmer to prune any trees in close proximity to electric lines.

Canine Control & Cooperation

While FPU respects your property and your pets, we also have the responsibility of helping our employees protect themselves in the event of an animal attack. Meter readers are therefore equipped with dog bite prevention tools, including a stick with a ball for distraction, an umbrella-barrier to protect their body during a necessary escape—and only as a last resort when danger of a dog bite is imminent—dog repellent.

Ensure FPU’s meter readers have safe access to your meter (and prevent potential and unnecessary injury to both our meter reader and your dog) by remembering to do the following:

  • Call FPU to confirm the date of your next meter read
  • Secure your dog on the day of your meter reading
  • Never secure your dog to the actual meter or in an area accessible to the meter
  • Contact FPU if you will be getting a new dog

More Safety Tips

  • Never use electric appliances near water
  • Never overload (or place objects in) electric outlets
  • Always keep outdoor objects at least 10 feet away from power lines
  • Never fly kites or climb/cut down trees near power lines
  • Check air filters once a month, cleaning and replacing them as needed
  • Check electrical cords for cracks, frays and other signs of visible damage
  • Never enter electrical substations, climb utility poles, tamper with pad-mounted transformers or remove electric meters
  • For enhanced safety, replace standard outlets with UL- approved Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). These devices will provide shock protection by quickly cutting off the circuit and should be installed by a licensed electrician. Stay away from areas where FPU crews are working. Do not touch any FPU vehicles or equipment, as these items may be conducting electricity
  • If you notice that a streetlight or FPU-owned outdoor light is not functioning properly, promote safety in your community by notifying FPU