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Florida Public Utilities
Electric Frequently Asked Questions

Electric FAQs

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions related to FPU electric service and get the scoop on electric safety, available rebates, and other related topics.

What Is Power Theft?

‘Power Theft’ is the tampering of electric service connections and/or meters with the intent to avoid paying for electricity. Attempting to steal power is a dangerous and illegal act that can result in everything from fire to bodily injury to legal ramifications.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Someone Of Power Theft?

If you suspect someone of tampering with electricity, leave the area immediately and call 800.427.7712 to report the incident. Calls can be made anonymously and FPU urges against confronting the individual directly.

Why Is It Important To ‘Call 811’ Before I Dig?

Even the shallowest digging can hit underground utilities buried in your yard.

Not only is it important to call 811 before you dig so an FPU Representative can mark the location of any utility lines, but it’s also the law. Failing to do so can result in everything from neighborhood power outages to bodily injury to legal ramifications.

How Do I Know If Electric Service Is Available?

Call FPU at 800.427.7712 to see if electric service is available for your home or business.

Does FPU Offer Any Rebates Or Incentives To Customers?   

FPU offers electric customers a variety of rebates and incentives to offset the initial cost of including energy-efficiency upgrades, including residential HVAC rebates, and various commercial rebates for business.

How Do I Redeem My Rebate(s)?

In order to redeem your rebate(s), you will need to send FPU your appliance receipt/proof of purchase, proof of installation and our Customer Rebate Form. Visit the Redeeming Rebates section of our website for more information.

How Can I Reduce My Energy Costs?

FPU offers many resources designed to help customers conserve electricity and reduce their monthly energy bills, including Home Energy Check-Ups and Commercial Energy Consultations, energy-efficiency rebates, energy-saving tips, our Online Home Energy Suites, and more.

Does FPU Offer Any Value-Added Services For Customers?

Florida Public Utilities offers a variety of value-added services for electric customers, including Budget Billing, Time-of-Use (T.O.U.) and more.