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Florida Public Utilities

Free Online Energy Evaluations &
Free Energy Check-Ups

Free Online Energy Evaluations

Learn how to save energy like an expert from the comfort of your computer. Simply complete a Free Online Energy Evaluation for your home and get two LED bulbs!

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Free Energy Checkups

Call 888.880.0973 or click below to schedule your Free Energy Check-Ups and an FPU Energy Conservation Representative will help you increase the value of your home (and S T R E T C H every last energy dollar!)

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An FPU Energy Conservation Representative will:

1.Check your home for sources of energy waste and inefficiency (including water heating, lighting, HVAC, etc.) and create a customized analysis of your energy use.

2. Show you what steps you can take to conserve energy, save money and get more comfort, including:

  • Specific changes to reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Data regarding monthly operating costs of your appliances
  • Insight on how each appliance contributes to your utility bill

3. Follow up with more tools and information, such as a documented overview of your Free Energy Check-Up and a printed report detailing specific ideas on how to keep your utility bills down.

Turn FREE advice into priceless savings.

Call 888.880.0973 or Sign Up and schedule your Free Energy Check-Up today! Comes with two LED bulbs.